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We specialise in neurodevelopmental conditions such as:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • All associated co-morbid disorders

In addition, we also offer an Anger Management Consultancy Service and work with stress, Anxiety Depression and Relationship coaching, not to mention Mindfulness courses and sessions.


Our CPD Accredited courses and workshops provide organisations and businesses of all sizes with quality training for your staff, tailored to meet your workplace challenges.

Choosing us

We believe that everyone is “UNIQUE”. So why should our service provision be any different?

You are entirely up to you!



Listen to what our clients say

  • Sue J.Daniels
    We asked Lisa from Unique training, to deliver a one day workshop on ADHD to help us understand and work with some of our adult clients. Her knowledge is immense on this subject and we learned so much from her interactive and theory based delivery. It was superb and would recommend across the county...
    Sue J.Daniels
    Clinical Lead - Jigsaw Counselling & Consultancy Services
  • Hayley (Louth)
    Unique has worked with our family for over 4 months and the change has been unbelievable. We are calmer and rationalise more rather than fighting and arguing all the time. Would fully recommend Unique to anyone or any family who are struggling to understand Spectrum disorders and anger issues.

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