Autism & ADHD

Autism Spectrum Conditions

Autism is a lifelong disability which affects how you communicate with and relate to other people.

 It also affects how you make sense of the world around you. 

Autism is a spectrum condition. This means that autism affects different people in different ways. 

For example, you might be able to live an independent life, or you might have accompanying learning disabilities and/or co-existing associated disorders such as anxiety and depression. 

Every individual on the autism spectrum has different challenges abilities and symptoms. 

How do we support you?

We help by providing a safe and comfortable space to support you and offer a wide range of services to assist you to reach your own goals and aspirations. 

The following lists are inclusive of and not limited to. 

Support for you:

  • One to one session’s in a calm and supportive atmosphere. 
  • Sensory Profiling assessments and reports. 
  • Specialist Cognitive Behaviour Therapy’s to assist with anxiety, depression, OCD, sleep problems and other emotional or behavioural problems you may have. 
  • Psychoeducation – to help you to understand how your diagnosis affects you personally, this is the most important and empowering thing to learn. 
  • Student/study support – to help you to overcome the challenges that can often feel overwhelming during education. 
  • Support to help you build strategies for social and communication differences and building relationships. 
  • Understanding the Hidden Curriculum. 

Support for family  

Here at Unique, we pride ourselves not only on the support we provide for each person but also on the ensuring that support is available for families too, again support is personalised to the individual needs. 


We provide CPD accredited training courses and workshops, designed to meet your individual organisation or services specific needs. This may include, assisting your organisation and staff to better understand Autism in the workplace and how you may support an individual or make adjustments to support someone in your employment. For further information or to discuss your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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